O2 And Virgin Media Merge

It's officially here! The UK's top mobile provider and broadband provider have merged.

Now cleared by Watchdog, O2 & Virgin Media have sealed the deal in their 31 billion mergers, combining ultra-fast broadband with the UK's favourite mobile provider. So what does this mean to us?

Combining the powers of these telecommunication giants brings great expectations. So far they have pledged to create a better experience in the UK. Be this lightning-fast fibre or epic 5G coverage. They plan to work together to make connectivity from the couch to the coast flawless. They plan to do this by investing billions into their networks to power the UK and help the government achieve better-connected communities, and in doing so, creating thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships.

Through their combined networks, they hope to supercharge businesses big and small with faster better connectivity.

Here at Amvima we have had a long standing relationship with both O2 & Virgin Media for over 10 years. With the new merger we will continue to provide the best deals for your business.

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