Remote Working and Unified Communication: two business needs that are growing together

During this difficult and unprecedented time, remote working tools are now in the list of essential instruments for many businesses. Consequently, to respond to this huge demand, many video conferencing vendors are offering special deals such as 3-month free trials or temporary discounts, however, we think that you need much more than a simple video calling tool.

Video conferencing allows you to make and receive video calls and participate in online meetings. Some systems may also allow you to send text-based messages. This functionality is useful for keeping in touch, but it’s also quite limited for business purposes. So, what is the solution to this problem? Unified Communications platform. These systems provide video calling, access company documents and files from the same application, for instance, collaborate with colleagues in real-time on the same file, even as they work from different buildings and much more.

Thanks to Unified Communication you can recreate a real office experience for your workforce! In fact, with properly configured profiles, your users’ settings and preferences your employees can work in the office, at home, or on the road. Moreover, their office extension number is available everywhere, including on their mobile phone, so you can maintain productivity regardless of location or situation.

Hosted Unified Communications (those services hosted in the cloud) have the added benefit of fully flexible infrastructure. In fact, you will be billed on a per-seat basis, consequently, you can scale up to accommodate your entire workforce in times of emergency or during a seasonal boom. As demand falls, you can scale downwards again, ensuring you’re not paying for licenses and systems that aren’t being used.

Finally, consolidating communications also reduces the pressure on your IT team who have to support every user and tool remotely. To get more information about Gamma Unified Communication and how it can help to improve your employees remote working experience contact us today!