Five Strategies to Strengthen Your Business-Critical Mobile Operations

During these difficult times, companies need to reorganise their work and their team. What businesses need are smart strategies and collaboration with their teams. Here, you can find 5 strategies you should consider as you manage your organisation’s business-critical mobility strategy.

1. Remote working is the future and it is knocking at your door
It is difficult to re-adapt the work from the office to your employees’ houses. This is even worse if you need to do this change in a couple of days. However, this is the new normal and your business needs to be set up for work from home. Remote working is not just laptops and a good Wi-Fi, it means remote access, control and resolution of issues, customised apps and video conferencing tools. Your workers need the right technology to carry out at their best and you need the right strategy and tools to enable them.

2. Mobility and security, the importance to be protected
Email phishing scams or attacks to home Wi-Fi networks, behind the remote working, many dangers are hidden for your business’s privacy. Are you ready to face them? Your organisation must be prepared to handle any type of attack, and that why mobile device security is incredibly crucial. With the right mobile device and IoT management tools, you can ensure the safety of your workers’ data and privacy, along with securing your corporate assets.

3. Keep people safe
Social distancing, work from home, but for the customers? For your customers, business-critical mobile technology facilitates continued interactions and transactions without breaking social distancing requirements. Delivery drivers can drop packages off and use mobile tech to inform the recipient that it’s ready to be brought in. The recipient can acknowledge the delivery of the package and bring it inside when they’re ready.

4. Location tracking and employee’s privacy
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users, the corporate side of the device can be locked down when the person heads out. This ensures the worker still has personal use of the device. Many organisations have activated their BYOD policies and infrastructure. IT leaders need to ensure that they have the best Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy to effectively gain visibility and control over their corporate information, while also ensuring their workers’ privacy. Moreover, with insights on device location, you can lock them down and eliminate the risk of sensitive corporate data being lost or stolen.

5. All the news just a click away
For field workers who aren’t working from home, you can send updates to their devices informing them about things like travel restrictions, quarantined areas or new work policies. It’s fundamental to have real-time access to information, connected business-critical mobility strategy enables your organization to update all mobile devices in your infrastructure with the most up-to-date data, in real-time.

Is this enough? Probably not, but during these unprecedented and uncertain times businesses need to be organised and ready to face any kind of situation. Amvima can help you re-organise your business in your employees’ home, with the latest devices and services for a smooth transition to remote working for your workforce.