The three key reasons you should have a mobile security solution in place

Amvima’s Peter Chernin looks at why mobile security should be a part of your security solution.

Would you ever consider running your network without firewalls and a wider security fabric? Thought not. No IT professional would ever consider this. So then why are so many companies so relaxed when it comes to the security of their corporate mobile telephones?

2016 was the first year that internet traffic on mobile devices was higher than on laptops or desk tops. Yet many of us don’t have the same malware and security solutions on our handsets as across the rest of our networks.

So what are the threats?

There are a myriad of risks when it comes to your mobile estate, here are just three of them.

1. Apps
33% of all apps downloaded to smartphones are corrupted in some way. Malicious apps can be used by criminals in various ways, from simply popping up ads, to making calls and sending messages to premium rate numbers and even stealing data and information from the phone, including sensitive business information. Research has shown that there are, on average, 18 malicious apps on a corporate mobile estate. Where are they on yours?

2. Wi-Fi networks
How many of us happily connect to any open wifi network that is around? Do we all ensure the network is safe before connecting to it? Probably not. And if IT professionals are not rigorous about this, then it can be safely assumed that other business mobile users are even worse! In fact, studies show that almost 30% of all mobile users have connected to a corrupted wifi network, opening themselves, their devices, and the business, up to criminals.

3. Worker apathy
A simple fact is, users are more apathetic towards the loss of a corporate mobile phone than their personal device. Awareness training will go some way to prevent the apathy users have towards lost company mobile phones, so make sure this is part of your ‘on-boarding’ process for new users.
So how do you ensure you’re as protected against these threats as possible? I’m here to help and can answer any questions or worries you may have, plus help design a robust security and management solution for your corporate mobile estate.